El Hal Romancy – Mashrou’ Leila [Original CD]/ الحل رومانسي – مشروع ليلى


Mashrou’ Leila is a Lebanese five-member alternative rock band. The band formed in Beirut, Lebanon in 2008 as a music workshop at the American University of Beirut. In 2011, Mashrou’ Leila released the ‘El Hal Romancy’ EP, a recording the band describes as tackling lyrically more intimate, personal, and theatrical subject matter that is less about the city and its politics proper, and more about the social residue of the city. This is a collection of songs that happen in a weathered bedroom with ruffled bed sheets, stained carpeting, and a book shelf of references, while a string section plays on a rusty vinyl player to a couple of young lovers trying to survive the city.

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