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The brand new sacred deity known as Wet Mother earth (Mati Syra Zemlia) try regarded as absolute, powerful, and you will pregnant

The brand new sacred deity known as Wet Mother earth (Mati Syra Zemlia) try regarded as absolute, powerful, and you will pregnant

Up to the twentieth-century peasants believed that in the springtime they try an effective grave sin in order to smack the earth which have something prior to March twenty-five, just like the at that moment the world is actually pregnant. Plowing and you will digging was indeed forbidden into the vacations regarding the goddess. For centuries, peasants accept issues more than possessions of the calling upon Mother earth to witness the justice of the states. Marriages had been affirmed by the participants’ eating swelling off world (a society recorded in nineteenth-century north Russia). Oaths had been drawn in an equivalent trend (attested once the later due to the fact 1870 about Orel region regarding central Russia) or of the putting environment with the one’s head. The newest corn (we.age., grain) soul are personified because Corn Mommy otherwise because Dated Rye (Barley, Wheat, or Oat) Lady. She made plants develop. Within harvest, it had been thought that she was within the last stalks off cereals leftover updates around. In the Pomerania, the one who slice the history stalks out of grain fashioned all of them toward an effective doll, that has been entitled Corn Mom or Dated Lady and you will is put house towards last wagon. In a few section, the fresh new Corn Mother, when it comes to a good toy or good wreath, is symbolically wet with drinking water (drowned) and you may is actually leftover up until the after the springtime, when some of the cereals was mixed with brand new seed products grain in the planting date. The latest agricultural years of demise (harvest) and rebirth (planting) try for this reason ensured, life-getting and lifestyle-providing subsequently.


2 kinds of nymph were known to new Slavs: vila s and rusalka s. They are both constantly portrayed once the stunning ladies, though rusalka s also are called college students otherwise as the old women.


Of numerous Slavs thought that vila s got its start such as plants towards morning dew otherwise that they was basically produced in the event that sunlight shone through the rain. Someone else mentioned that vila s was created out of meadow grasses whoever origins resembled garlic lighting; nevertheless others considered that they were created of your mountains. The latest vila is actually portrayed given that a highly beautiful more youthful girl who wears a finer white top and you may whose long, loose, red-colored or gold locks slide more than their own as well as tits. She is prominent away from a human maiden by the her ft, and therefore resemble the fresh hooves out of good donkey otherwise a goat. She can grow to be a pony, good swan, otherwise an excellent falcon. Because she is therefore stunning, she you should never endure the clear presence of some body alot more beautiful than just she or whoever laughs at attention out-of her legs. Possessed out-of supernatural fuel, she will be able to, having an individual glimpse, kill anybody who displeases their unique. There are around three kinds of vila, associated with hills, that have water, sufficient reason for clouds. The new slope vila facilitate maintain pupils and you can orphans, water vila can also be poison springs, in addition to affect vila, who’s got wings, normally travel. Infamous about Southern area Slavic city ‘s the facts from the latest Swan Maiden: she try a cloud vila obligated to end up being the wife off good mortal when he took their own wings; after she finds their unique wings and flies over to the fresh clouds. Water vila existence near water, both of the slope lakes and springs or with the seacoast, both within the caves otherwise pits regarding environment. Every vila s can be understand the languages out of fish and you will birds. They often Tire women for marriage and dating gather near liquid where they moving for the an excellent kolo (“circle”). In the event the a person disrupts its kolo, they might blind your otherwise build him moving up until he drops lifeless. Both, the fresh vila s moving its kolo from the clouds. Inside the Slavic folklore vila s is on the disease and you may injuries. However, capable as well as restore wounds that have flowers and will dump grave ailments, specifically loss of sight and you may barrenness.

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